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KOLBE + SCHMITT Aspirin provides effective relief from pain and discomfort of muscular aches, cold and flu symptoms and fever. When used properly, Aspirin can have many health benefits and can help to reduce heart attacks and strokes.

Item#16-1505 Enteric Coated Aspirin - 325 mg/1000 Count
Item#16-1500 Aspirin (NSAID) - 325mg/100 Count

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Generic Ibuprofen pain reliever tablets from KOLBE+SCHMITT.  Each tablet contains 200mg ibuprofen just like Advil for fast pain relief and reducing fevers. Workplace dispenser box available in a variety of quantities. Two individually wrapped Ibuprofen tablets per packet for reducing toothache, backache, sore muscles, backache, headache and other aches and pains.   

KS #5651 

KS #5654

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